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Message From Managing Trustee

Dear Friends,

I am cheerful (happy) to share the activities of OLYMPIC GOLD FOUNDATION for the Financial Year 2013-2014 aiming to develop the interest on sports and games among the School and College students. There are new developmental activities we have undertaken for the development of sports and providing necessary awareness about the importance of sports and games. In addition to the above, we have also conducted some ‘Rural Health Awareness programs’ and ‘Legal Rights Awareness programme’ to the rural women for updating their knowledge of what the government has provided to them. Our organization has also conducted Non-formal Education Awareness programme and supported the poor school children by

Cricket Playground in Virudhunagar

donating the educational materials and other educational helps. In this reporting year, our organization has done the basic development strategies successfully. In addition, our organization has conducted two Sports Meet for the under privileged children in the age group of eight years to sixteen years.


Rural youth and children will have more cohesion and live in harmony with one another overcoming discrimination and exclusion through sports and games which only contribute for their improved socio educational development but also their job prospects.

Main Objectives of the Organization

  • To recognize and organize the sports players among the students community of all levels.

  • To promote the sports among the village students.

  • To encourage the youths to participate in league matches and tournaments of all levels by giving them proper training.

  • To provide all sports training to the youths by appointing sports coaches and trainers.

  • To conduct workshops and training sessions to train the youths to become benefited both mentally and physically.

  • To Create awareness among the young generation about the importance of doing regular exercises to maintain their health to an appreciable extent.

  • To help financially poor sports men to buy essential things such as boots, socks, knee guard and ankle guard etc.

  • To improve the standard of the sports by conducting block level, District level, and State Level league matches and tournaments.

  • To recognize the best sports man among the school and college students, train them properly and motivate them to participate in the state and national level competitions.

  • To motivate and help the eligible members to get admission in the sports schools and colleges.

  • To create the health awareness centers in rural and urban area and do preventive activities about diseases and train them the protect activities from AIDS, T.B., DIABETES and cancer.

  • To provide formal and non formal education among the children, adults, illiterate by establish educational centers.

  • To conduct health education programmes and family welfare among the rural people.

  • To conduct carrier oriented training programme for the upliftment of rural people and sports persons.

  • To eradicate illiteracy among the villagers in rural and tribal areas.

  • Develop a cohesive player pathway.
  • Provide a forum where good practice and information can be communicated to people.

  • To increase the performance level of the athletes.
  • To provide an athlete centered service.
  • To provide a wide range of high quality support and resources.
  • To support the development of specific working groups that will improve the quality of the sport provision.

  • To Identify sports talents in young people and giving them a chance at making a career even away from our academy.

  • To engage young people in physical and moral Education with a view to reducing crime rate, drug abuse as well as the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  • To Train young people in the sustainable management of bio-diversities and environmental protection.

  • Empowerment of the girl child, enabling them to become successful leaders through sports.

  • Building friendship ties with stakeholders as well as other sports oriented entities the world over and participating in activities that promote friendship, tolerance and fight against racism and all forms of discrimination.

  • Improve the standard of sports education in India through regular coaching, workshops, international-cultural sports exchanges and mentoring programs.

  • Facilitating training and workshops for coaches and volunteers, to equip them with modern techniques and methods employed in sports today.