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Our Story

NIIRAHHS – NATUROPATHY INSTITUTE OF INDIGENOUS REFLEXOLOGY AND HOLISTIC HEALING SCIENCES – is an institution works for holistic health. It concentrates mainly on Indian Reflexology an ancient health practice for almost all kinds of illnesses. NIIRAHHS has been concentrating on training for the past 21years.
NIIRAHHS Promotes ‘integral treatment method’ which proportionately integrates various therapies along with the Indian Reflexology. It believes that this type of Integral approach enhances better health condition for the people and at the same time develops the various healing sciences. . It accommodates other complementary therapies like herbal therapy, flower therapy, Neuro Muscular Therapy, Varma Therapy, Relaxation Therapy etc., in order to ensure overall health to the clients.

In view of promoting the Indian reflexology and other therapies NIIRAHHS has developed a program whereby to deepen the in depth knowledge on various healing sciences through research.

How Can Reflexology Helps in Sports injuries?

Sports professionals can benefit from regular reflexology treatments which will improve circulation and encourage lymphatic action. This physiological ‘boost to the system’ energises tired muscles .This is due to the powerful effect on the circulation and lymphatic systems which deliver much needed oxygen and nutrients to the cells and organs.

Key Benefits of Reflexology for Athletes and Sports Professionals

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    Increases pain threshold and reduces pain.
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    Boosts immunity.
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    Regulates blood pressure.
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    Increases blood flow which reduces recovery time.
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    Lactic acid and uric acid are flushed out the system faster.
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    Improves sleep patterns by stimulating production of serotonin the ‘sleep hormone’.
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    Improves clarity and focus.
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    Reduces anxiety.
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    Improves mood.

Why is Reflexology so Effective?

When athletes compete, the whole body is affected. Reflexology helps to balance and relax the main organ systems in the body: cardiovascular, endocrine, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, integumentary and lymphatic which are all involved when the body is functioning at high intensity.

By working the entire foot and it’s reflexes, we are stimulating the body’s own natural healing abilities and addressing imbalances throughout the whole body. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet which all correspond to a gland, organ or muscle in the body. There are even reflex points for the joints and limbs.

Recovery and Healing

The aim of reflexology is to bring the body back into a perfect state of balance by allowing the energy to flow smoothly. The relaxing effects of reflexology are so important at times of injury where stress levels may be elevated and the player or athlete cannot compete. The emotional and psychological impact of the injury should never be underestimated. It is just as important to balance the mind as it is to balance the physical body.