Vision & Mission

Our Mision

Fostering pride in developing sports The ultimate goal is to create more talents within India to ensure there is quality Indian participation at the Olympic, resulting in good number of medals.

Our vision

As an independent non-government Organization, the Olympic Gold aims at glorifying the Sports and Games at all India level. It aims to make the Indian sports and games truly global by creating sportsmen of international standard. It aims to provide the right stimulus and motivation for young athletes to join the field and pursue it as a career option. It strives to make sports and games as an attractive field by enhancing popular support.

Sports Selection Center in Madurai

Objectives of the Olympic Gold

Implementing quality training programs with international Experts Using focused toolsets and new techniques of international standard Developing Sportspersons with proper education Encouraging sportspersons to concentrate only on Performance and not merely on securing a good Job. Providing career guidance to sports persons, and keep their minds focussed primarily on sports (and not on jobs!).


  • Olympic gold management Athletes, Coaches, Nutritionist, Sports scientist, Sponsors, Pro & completions.

  • Talent identification from rural, costal and genetically gifted people.


We, Directly approach the athletes and parents explain our task of Olympic Gold foundation and our goal setting with the co-operation of government and sponsors.


Its imperative that a 360 focus is applied to the evolution of every Athletes. Our toolsets clearly strive towards that.