The Olympic Gold Foundation is a sports organization designed to elevate the athlete to the highest level of competition. Upon joining the OGF, the student – athletes are introduced to the full spectrum of athletic disciplines. The athlete will learn the correct techniques and skills to excel in their sport of choice, they will be taught the strategy of the game itself. The focus of the Athletics program is to develop strong, fit and technically proficient athletes, who upon graduation will pursue their athletic talent as part of the Indian Athletics Federation Junior and Senior National teams.

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Program & Squad / Program & Period

The Athletics program develops a structure and specific Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan for all students –athletes. Combined with on-field experience, the athlete will develop an in-depth knowledge and wisdom that will improve their ability to adapt to dynamic situations during play and eliminate their fear of failure. The OGF allows student-athletes to maximize their potential through progressive training as part of their training program through strength training, speed flexibility, injury prevention, vision, nutrition, confidence, focus, communication and more.

The Program instills a philosophy and sports culture within the student athletes that provides the foundation for creating successful champion in life. The development plan for Athletes has a structured framework specific to age, ability and relative performance measures .This program has key development phases and objectives which are critical in the sporting and pedagogical development of student – athletes.

The development pathway of all students – athletes is closely monitored and adjusted according to individual needs. The Athletics program strategy is built on holistic development of all athletes, coaching and life skills through sports, developing habits for a healthy life, achieving international standards and representing Olympic Gold Foundation and India at the international championship levels.

Competition strategy is crucial to the development pathway of all athletes. The Olympic Gold Foundation program ensure that all student-athletes have a structured competition schedule that is related to their current Long Term Athlete Development plan .The coaching staff together with the expertise of sports science and medicine terms ,monitor all progression with the appropriate analysis techniques and expert planning. Ultimately, Olympic Gold Foundation Students –Athletes will top in for Indian National teams, International tournaments, World Junior & Youth Championship India, Asian Championships.