Table Tennis

It is one of the dedicated table tennis Training Center in the India. The comprehensive structure, training schedule and planned local and International Competition exposure has allowed the Olympic Gold Foundation student-athletes to achieve many Table performances within the National and International tournaments in which they complete.

OGF Services

  • Lessons.
  • Tournament Coaching.
  • Group Training.
  • Training Camps for Juniors, Adults and Seniors.
  • Ability to offer Coaching Clinics.
  • Assistance in choosing the apt equipment.

Table Tennis program strategy

Best Coaching Center in Dindigul
  • Training Camp – For the regular, confirmed & expert Table Tennis players, the Intensive Training Camp is designed for you to solidify the foundations and progress on all levels of TT competencies.

  • Preparing student-athletes for the Table Tennis Federation of India.

  • Representing the National and International Championships.

  • Cultivating (developing) students – athletes to complete at selected International tournaments.

  • Recruiting a brand-new era (age) cohort of competitors (players) every year.

  • Aiding (Supporting) the Education and Student Care programs in leadership, career management and life skills.

  • Supporting graduate athletes who show potential as Senior International Players.

Tournaments include

  • District Tournaments.
  • State Ranking Tournaments.
  • National Championship.
  • National Ranking Tournaments.
  • ITTF Tournaments.
  • Asian Tournaments.
  • International Competitions.


Table Tennis is the art of cool – cool calculation, cool consideration, cool delivery. The most successful players know when to go in for the kill and when to sit back and let the opponents kill themselves. It is the best sport in the world because of the combination of all mental and muscular structures combined with Physics. Everybody could play it and be a part of this magnificent sport; the proposal of all sports is to unify people and the world.